NAB Launch Pad for New vi[z]rt Products and Updates

Sands Exhibition Centre Stand # S4147

vi[z]rt is announcing two new products and a series of upgrades at NAB 2001. vi[z] products are available on Windows and SGI hardware at full broadcast quality.

New for 2001

vi[z] video engineTM : The vi[z] video engineTM merges the power of vi[z] rt graphics and content management with an internal digital disk recorder all encased in a PC architecture. With vi[z] video engineTM rendered post graphics can be mixed with real-time graphics live. vi[z] video engineTM is a complete system with motion graphics authoring, rendering and playback all on a windows PC architecture.

vi[z] SDK 1.0: vi[z]rt is releasing its first software developer kit, vi[z] sdk TM 1.0 to the external development community, allowing third party developers to create new applications on top of the core vi[z] system architecture.

vi[z] Simon Seez: Making its debut at NAB is vi[z] Simon Seez TM, a real-time 3D effects generator that allows broadcasters to build their own custom 3D effects, transitions and graphic special effects, all running in real time and bringing post production graphics into the control room for the first time.


vi[z] 3.0: NAB 2001 sees updates to the industry’s best broadcast graphics engine, including wider support for import and export of files into the vi[z]TM system. System architecture improvements have been added to improve the quality of rendering in real-time and increase performance.

vi[z] modeling 3.0: Updates to the industry’s best broadcast graphics engine include wider support for the import and export of files into the vi[z] system.

vi[z] virtual studio 3.0: vi[z] virtual studio TM 3.0 includes a new and improved control interface with complete studio automation capabilities. New for NAB 2001 is a patented camera lens calibration system, major enhancements in production tools and wider integration with leading industry camera tracking solutions.

vi[z] maps: vi[z] maps TM is the tool for the generation of geographic maps on the fly to support broadcast news. At NAB 2001 vi[z]rt will be showing a wider range of visual databases than previously available.

vi[z] content pilot: vi[z] content pilot TM is an enterprise-enabled content capture, editing and management tool to help broadcasters deliver their graphic content to broadcast television, interactive TV, the Internet and wireless phone systems. New for NAB 2001 is version 3.0 which includes full support for interactive TV efforts, Internet streaming and html front-page support.

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