Ravisent and DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH to deliver HDTV

RAVISENT Technologies Inc., a provider of digital audio, video software solutions and Internet appliance technology, today announced a licensing agreement with DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH

„CinePlayer DTV“s high quality decoding enables DVC to seamlessly deliver a HDTV solution that matches expensive top quality hardware decoders,“ said Harald Näther, General Manager of DVC. „With RAVISENT“s DTV playback software we are able to deliver a competitive solution for the business presentation and Digital Cinema markets.“

CinePlayer DTV builds on RAVISENT“s unique CineMaster component architecture to give an all-software HDTV solution that can deliver full frame rate video at 1920 x 1080 interlaced, 30fps, at quality comparable with more expensive all-hardware products.

„As a leader in the digital video entertainment market, DVC is pushing DTV acceptance in Europe,“ said Sebastian Pistritto, Vice President of Marketing for RAVISENT. „By offering CinePlayer DTV, DVC provides the capabilities required to further boost the acceptance of DTV in this aggressive market.“

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  • http://www.digitalvideo.de

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