Euphonix Focusing On All-Digital Solutions At NAB 2001 Convention

Large-format System 5-B Broadcast Console to be introduced with dual producer"s desks and new features; 24-bit/96kHz capable R-1 Digital Multitrack system of choice for post facilities.

At the NAB 2001Convention in Las Vegas, April

23 – 26, Booth #R3005, Euphonix will spotlight a variety of new


for the System 5-B High Performance Broadcast Console that now offers a

number of unique features developed specifically for the on-air


and post-production industries. „Euphonix understands the needs of

broadcasters,“ says company CEO Steve Vining. „The features and

configuration they have requested are now fully reflected in what we


is the industry“s premier broadcast audio console the System 5-B.“

Designed to accommodate a wide cross section of applications, the

24-bit/96kHz capable System 5-B is targeted towards on-air broadcast,

post-production and music-recording customers that require multiple


paths of full 24-bit digital signal processing at up to 96kHz sampling

rates. Close to 60 System 5 Ultra Precision Digital Consoles have now been

ordered by facilities around the world.

New enhancements to be spotlighted at the NAB 2001 Convention include

* V2.5 Software Suite, which includes the new Model 403 Modular Post

Production Panel equipped with PEC/Direct monitor controls, dual motorised

joysticks and space for user customisation; and the GPI/O interface, a new

graphical user interface (GUI) that allows 32 switch closures to be


from objects on the control surface, as well as allowing 32 external


to implement console functions.

* Frame Options, including a 48-fader desk that can be outfitted with two

Producer“s Desks – one at each end – plus loudspeaker shelves and a script

tray. The Producer“s Desk can be supplied with a large 169-format TFT

screen for monitoring external video sources or workstation displays.

System 5-B incorporates Multi-format Channels – Stereo, LCR, LCRS, 5.1,


and others – that enable an operator to control up to eight channels at a

time from a single on-surface channel strip. Stereo channels can implement

MS (Middle-Side) mic techniques, plus L-to-Mono, R-to-Mono and Balance. A

Stereo Backstop PFL routes pre-fader signal to speakers. The console“s

Integrated PatchNet I/O Router can accommodate 672 by 672 sources and

destinations at a sampling rate of 48 kHz (336 by 336 at 96 kHz). A Fail

Safe and Diagnostics System provides hot-swappable redundant processing

modules and cards that will automatically take over in the event of a DSP


control failure. (Failed cards may be hot swapped without having to reboot

the system.) On-Screen Diagnostics constantly report status of all system

components, and provide confidence checks as well as troubleshooting.


broadcast features include Red-Light and Studio-feed Cut switch closures.

According to David Hansen, Director of Product Marketing, „The 48-fader

System 5-B console on show at the NAB Convention will also feature a fully

operational version of our new Model 403 Modular Post Production Panel,

which provides multichannel monitoring and full machine control with


and record safe/ready arming. This System 5-B configuration is our large

format Broadcast and Post console, targeted at network television, post in


broadcast environment, and conventional post-production facilities.“

„We will also be showing two 32-fader System 5-B consoles targeted

specifically at smaller scale TV studios, local-news stations and other

operations that do not have space in the control room for a large control

surface,“ Hansen concludes, „but who nevertheless need the assignability


centralised command options offered by our unique topology.“

System 5 Digital Consoles are now in regular use at a number of leading

stations and facilities, including KOMO-TV, Seattle; KTVT-HD/CBS-11,

Dallas/Fort Worth; KCET-TV, Los Angeles; Front Page Recorders, Glendale,


Chicago Recording Company; Hans Zimmer“s Media Ventures, Santa Monica, CA;

WWF Entertainment, Stamford, CT; AIX Media, Los Angeles; Skywalker Sound,

Marin County, CA; Pyramidfilm /Pthree, Tokyo; Cool Beans Digital, New


Vidfilm International Digital, Glendale, CA; Omnibus, Tokyo; and


Inc., Los Angeles.

Other products to be seen

* The R-1 Ultra-Precision Digital Multitrack Recorder, which is capable of

accommodating 24-bit/96kHz recordings across 96 tracks from a single


The latest software version, V2.0, offers fail-safe and self-diagnostics,

multi-format channels, expansion of the integrated PatchNet, plus a number

of features developed specifically for the post-production and broadcast


„From its inception,“ says Mark Doenges, Products Marketing Manager, „the

R-1 Digital Multitrack was designed to combine the user familiarity of

tape-based multitracks, with the creative editing capabilities and


speed of operation offered by random-access, disk-based technology. The


provides up to 96 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz sampling for Digital Television


DVD-Audio production.

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