Euphonix Technology At Heart Of SIlvester DVD-Audio Recording System

Rental company expands options with R-1 hard disk technology

The Euphonix“ R-1 hard disk multitrack recording


is at the heart of a new high-end location recording package called

Studiolab being launched this month. Optimised for the emerging DVD-Audio

market, Studiolab is the brainchild of digital audio guru Ian Silvester,

founder of North London-based digital audio service and rental company

Digital Audio Technology (DAT).

Studiolab is a highly mobile system comprising, in this groundbreaking

service, three self-contained kits, each kit combining a 48-track R-1 with

Pro Tools via the new Euphonix FC727 format converter. The FC727 was

developed by Euphonix to act as a seamless interface between the R-1 and



Renowned digital audio engineer Ian Silvester emphasises the stability of

the R-1 in the critical conditions of high-end digital recording.


is intended to drive forward the DVD-Audio market, making convenient 5.1

multitrack recording and editing available to discerning music clients,“


says. „By bolting on the R-1 to Pro Tools we can provide a truly stable

platform for any location.“

Each package comprises a 48-track R-1 with the Euphonix FC727 format

converter; all the A-Ds and D-As; a 64-voice Pro Tools Mix+ system with

three SampleCells and three 888 24s on board; a 24-fader ProMix with

EditPack; and five Dynaudio Acoustics M2s on stands. All TDM plug-ins for

Pro Tools are also included.

Managing Director of Euphonix Europe Miles Roberts adds, „To get this


of commitment from Ian, one of the most exacting, respected and highly

regarded people in his field worldwide, is extremely rewarding – and it

reflects our belief in the R-1 as the best hard disk multitrack platform

available today. „Euphonix is well on the way to establishing the R-1 as a

new standard in both music and audio post-production throughout Europe.


certain that many more demanding professionals will follow Ian“s lead.“

DAT provides 24-hour technical support, and if Ian isn“t available

personally he will ensure that a DAT-recommended engineer will accompany

Studiolab to each session. „All you have to do is hire a house in the

country, and as long as it“s got a 13-amp mains plug, everything else is

sorted,“ adds Silvester. „Of course, the package is also available for use

in any studio.“

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