Avid Forms New Broadcast Group

Avid Forms New Group to Offer Complete Broadcast Solutions Former iNEWS President and CEO Matt Danilowicz to Head Broadcast Group

Avid Technology, Inc.

(NASDAQ: AVID) today announced that its Avid Media Solutions

(AMS) division has formed a new broadcast group to be headed

by Matt Danilowicz, the former president and CEO of iNEWS,

LLC. Danilowicz will relocate from Madison, Wisconsin to Avid“s

headquarters in Tewksbury and will assume the position of

broadcast group vice president. The newly formed group will

include a solutions engineering team in America and Europe

that will work closely with sales, customers, and third parties to

design, implement, and support solutions that meet the specific

requirements of broadcasters.

„Forming the broadcast group demonstrates Avid“s solid

commitment to the broadcast marketplace and is a example of Avid“s new Make, Manage and Move MediaT

strategy,“ said Joe Bentivegna, vice president and general

manager of AMS. „With the acquisitions of iNEWS last month,

and Pluto Technologies International Inc. in 2000, we are now

poised to offer our customers a choice: the convenience of a

complete, end-to-end broadcast solution from Avid, or the ability

to integrate third-party products into an Avid® | iNEWST open


The broadcast group consists of all AMS broadcast products and

solutions including NewsCutter® nonlinear editors, Avid

AirSPACET video servers, Avid UnityT for News,

MediaManager, and TransferManager, as well as the iNEWS

product line consisting primarily of Newsroom Computer System, Broadcast Control System, Media

BrowseT 2000 and EditStar.

„Through the broadcast group, our customers will have access

to the most feature-rich and cost-effective solutions for broadcast

news production, editing, playout, and web repurposing

available from any vendor, all with one integrated Avid solution,“

said Danilowicz. „Additionally, the iNEWS Internet initiatives

strengthen Avid“s offering by facilitating a solution that matches

the particular needs of broadcasters or webcasters. While

iNEWS is a now part of the Avid family of broadcast solutions,

iNEWS, as well as Avid Unity for News and NewsCutter, will

continue to develop integrated solutions with third parties such

as Sony, Panasonic, Omnibus, and the Grass Valley Group.“

„Aggregating all of our broadcast offerings into one focused

group capable of delivering turn-key solutions enables us to

deliver new technologies to the market faster, while better

meeting the future demands of our customers,“ said Bentivegna.

„Furthermore, it reinforces Avid“s commitment to continue

developing, enhancing, and integrating products already

delivered to the broadcast market.“

„Matt is a 16-year veteran of the broadcast news industry who

offers a unique combination of expertise in managing

companies in high-growth markets and industry-specific

knowledge,“ said Bentivegna. „He“s also a former employee of

Avid. Prior to his most recent iNews experience, Matt was

instrumental in completing the development and launch of

NewsCutter Effects, and played a key role in negotiating Avid“s

original 1998 alliance with Tektronix, from which iNews

eventually evolved. Matt knows Avid“s culture, people and

values, which is a real advantage for Avid and its customers.“

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