Industry Leaders Work With Microsoft TV

Leading Broadcast Tools Providers Deliver Easy-to-Use Interactive TV Tools

Five Industry Leaders Work With Microsoft TV to Enable Broadcasters to

Transition To Interactive TV More Easily

At the National Association of

Broadcasters convention, NAB2001, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability

of new broadcast tools supporting the Microsoft TV platform from five

industry leaders: Avid Technology Inc., Chyron Corp., Norpak Corp.,

VertigoXmedia and vi[z]rt Ltd.

Many of these tools are being shown for the

first time at NAB2001, and all are designed to help accelerate the creation

and delivery of interactive TV programming using recognized tools, equipment

and editing resources. The availability of these tools will speed the

creation of mainstream interactive television by making it easy to integrate

interactive content during the writing and editing process of a TV program.

Microsoft“s pioneering work with leading tools providers is an outcropping

of its industry-leading interactive TV developer program. By supporting

Microsoft TV, these companies are helping make it easy and possible for

content creators everywhere to create compelling interactive TV programming

and applications.

„The Microsoft TV Developer Program is helping companies such as Avid,

Chyron, Norpak, VertigoXmedia and vi[z]rt create the tools that broadcasters

use to make interactive TV a reality today,“ said David Witus, director of

content programs for the Microsoft TV Group at Microsoft. „Through their

involvement in the developer program, these companies are demonstrating

strong support for the Microsoft TV platform while making it easy for the

broadcast industry to integrate high-quality video and graphics with

interactive elements, resulting in some amazing new TV programming.“


Chyron will be demonstrating a complete range of

interactive TV production and automation tools, including Lyric iTV for

professional television graphic-oriented iTV content creation and

triggering; CG Interactive, which enables the large installed base of

existing and new Chyron graphics systems to automatically produce

synchronous enhanced television, even in a live environment; and DCC

Interactive, providing seamless broadcast automation support for ATVEF


„We have been excited by the enthusiastic support we have received from

Microsoft and the iTV community and are proud to provide solutions optimized

for the Microsoft TV platform,“ said Bill Hendler, vice president of the

Interactive Division at Chyron.

The release is part of a joint agreement made between Microsoft and Chyron

to integrate Chyron“s playback graphics package for interactive TV in the

Microsoft TV platform. Chyron is an industry leader in the development and

delivery of products and services for standard TV broadcasting,

high-definition TV, interactive TV and broadband delivery.


vi[z]rt announced the release of its content pilot I-Extensions developed exclusively for the Microsoft TV platform. content

pilot I-Extensions take advantage of the Microsoft TV platform by using

templates that generate broadcast-quality graphics for television and the

Web as a script is being written, enabling broadcast producers to prepare

content for broadcast and the Web in one simple application. This reduces

the time and expense associated with the production of interactive TV


„We are excited by our relationship with Microsoft TV and adding new content

delivery capabilities for our customers,“ said Greg Petroff, vice president

of marketing at vi[z]rt. „vi[z] content pilot I-Extensions is remarkably

simple to use for Microsoft TV and the Internet. It is part of our strategy

to provide tools that efficiently and productively allow broadcasters to

create, manage and deliver high-quality content across broadcast,

interactive, Internet and wireless media.“


Avid, the company that delivers the solutions that

Make, Manage and Move Media, has added an interactive design tool to its

editing products that allows producers to work in tandem with interactive TV

teams. The design tool adds HTML triggers in the Avid timeline along with

audio and video tracks for seamless, complete editing of an entire

interactive TV program at one time. The new interactive features were

designed to support the Microsoft TV platform and ATVEF standards, the most

widely used standards for creating interactive TV content.

„Avid is pleased to work with Microsoft to offer another powerful solution

to the nonlinear production process,“ said Robert Stacy, director of product

marketing for Media Composer at Avid. „Content creators and video

producers will now have the ability to offer additional services to their

clients through tools that enable them to create interactive elements,

streamline production and work collaboratively in a familiar environment –

the Avid timeline.“


Norpak will be showing new solutions for interactive

TV, HDTV and data broadcast with its latest solutions that support the

Microsoft TV platform. The Norpak WHAZ-it Interactive TV Monitor is the

first professional data-monitoring solution available for systems running on

the Microsoft TV platform. Norpak and Microsoft TV have been working to

develop encoder systems that allow broadcasters and network operators to

filter and/or replace, in real time, embedded interactive TV data based on

predetermined rules established by the broadcaster. WHAK-it provides

real-time localization of national content.


VertigoXmedia has released the latest

version of its flagship product, Producer On Air 2.0. Producer On Air allows

broadcasters to collect content from the Web, wire feeds, newsroom systems

and other outlets and convert the data for delivery to the Web and

interactive TV programs through satellite, cable or mobile devices. By

establishing a reactive link between multiple media-delivery channels,

VertigoXmedia enables broadcasters to produce dynamic content that is

updated automatically in response to viewer feedback. This reduces the time

and costs associated with producing interactive TV content. The content is

easily distributed through the Microsoft TV platform, using open standards

technology, and is delivered seamlessly to the viewer.

„The combination of Microsoft TV and our Producer On Air content automation

platform allows broadcasters to easily integrate interactive TV

functionality into their existing broadcast environment,“ said David

Wilkins, president and CEO of VertigoXmedia. „By allowing broadcasters to

use production tools they are already familiar with, Microsoft TV becomes an

extension to their existing workflow, rather than a whole new process that

needs to be managed separately.“

SpinTV Joins Microsoft TV Developer Program

Microsoft also announced that SpinTV has joined the

developer program. Spin TV“s Studio Suite supports ATVEF standards, allowing

content developers to easily create and deploy interactive TV content,

speeding the development and delivery of interactive TV programming. Future

versions of the product will be designed to support the Microsoft TV


In addition to being demonstrated in the five tools provider exhibits, the

Microsoft TV platform will be shown in the Microsoft Internet Theater.

UltimateTV service, the exciting interactive TV service from Microsoft

and available by subscription on DIRECTV units, will also be running in the

Interactive Living section of the E-Topia exhibit. UltimateTV incorporates

the best of personal video recording, interactivity and Internet on TV in

one service and in one box and is powered by the Microsoft TV platform.

About the Microsoft TV Developer Program

The Microsoft TV Developer Program offers members exclusive and up-to-date

information about the Microsoft TV platform, including software updates,

access to a wide range of Microsoft TV solution providers, discounts on

training events for tool developers, co-marketing opportunities with

Microsoft and a Tools Developer Kit.

The tools providers support the Microsoft TV platform by offering content

creators the ability to easily generate interactive programming that is

compliant with interactive programming standards.

About the Microsoft TV Platform

The Microsoft TV platform is a standards-based, client and server software

family that enables network operators and their partners to deliver the most

compelling interactive TV services to consumers. The platform supports a

range of TV devices – from current and next-generation set-top boxes and

digital video recorders to integrated television sets, entertainment

appliances and other computing devices. Through the platform, network

operators and hardware providers can team up to offer consumers an

unparalleled range of services, from e-mail and Internet on TV to

interactive programming, electronic program guides and digital video


Microsoft TV also creates significant new economic opportunities for network

operators and the more than 1,000 companies worldwide who have chosen to

work with the platform to deliver or supply the services, programming,

hardware and software for the interactive TV industry. Microsoft TV supports

open standards and is backed by the technical expertise, support and broad

third-party developer community Microsoft is known for. It is an integral

part of the Microsoft .NET vision of empowering people through great

software – any time, any place and on any device. More information about the

Microsoft TV platform can be found at

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