ClipRecorder RACK with new Features

Now DVCs uncompressed Digital Disc Recorder with 220GB integrated into a 4 HU RACK

DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH´s ClipRecorder is well known as Disc Recorder in various applications. These systems are being used for e.g. post-editing, graphics, weather-applications, in the sports sector, for disc-to-disc or tape-to-disc uses, non-linear-editing etc..

The ClipRecorder is based on an open WindowsNT or Windows2000 platform with the most used videocard, the ClipStationPRO with the special performance features like 4:4:4 and 4:2:2:4 mode.

DVC has enhanced the approved and reliable ClipRecorder with a PIII 850 MHz CPU and an internal Disc Array with up to 220 Gbyte. The new Disc Array comes with hot-swap disc-insertion and its own disc-cooling. Therewith highest steadiness and easy support is being assured, which DVC underlines with a warranty of 3 years.

New standards are also being placed by DVC in the price-performance-ratio by offering the model ClipRecorder RACK 220-S for the introduction price of 15.000 Euro (additional tax).

All other models starting with 27GB are certainly still available.

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