Turbo Squid: Cebas finalToon

Turbo Squid will be the exclusive worldwide publisher and distributor for Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins. Turbo Squid is also releasing the first of these plug-ins, finalToon from cebas technical illustration plug-in for Discreet's 3ds max software.

finalToon complements all major industry renderers for stylistic shading or other special effects, and is implemented as a true 3ds max „render effect“. Designers may adjust line styles in real-time without the need to re-render scenes over and over again. All shading and rendering is done with the production-proven 3ds max scanline renderer. When the scanline pass is done, the finalToon line renderer „pops in“ and takes over to produce one of the best line renderings available today. In addition, finalToon seamlessly supports finalRender with all the advanced options, including GI rendering for cartoon style objects. finalToon normally sells for $495 USD, but will be available at an introductory price of $395 until February 28, 2003.

Under the Discreet alliance, Turbo Squid will oversee the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of all Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins. The certification process involves an exacting quality-control process, and only the highest quality plug-ins will be included in the Discreet Certified Plug-in program. Approximately fifteen plug-ins will be marketed during the first year of the program, all of which will represent best of class technology in their functional category.

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