animago 2009 deadline postponed

The deadline for submissions to animago AWARD 2009 has been postponed: Due to numerous requests, DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine has decided to grant participants additional time to complete their productions. The new deadline is July 31st. With the time displacement, the organizers aim to ensure that the broadest possible international spectrum of DCC productions is submitted.

Category Overview:

* Best Advertising Production (People’s Vote)

Assessment criteria: idea, sound, character, SFX, technical realisation

* Best Mobile Production

Assessment criteria: usability, design, idea

* Best Interactive Production (People’s Vote)

Assessment criteria: usability, idea, design, front end

* Best Game Design (People’s Vote)

Assessment criteria: technical realisation, character, idea, audio, SFX

* Best Short Film

Assessment criteria: character, idea, technical realisation (Films up to approx. 25 minutes in length)

* Best Film Production (People’s Vote)

Assessment criteria: character, story, sound, SFX, technical realisation

* Best Visualisation

Assessment criteria: technical realisation, idea, didactic

* Best Virtual Photos (Still) (People’s Vote)

Assessment criteria: realistic photos, character, technical realisation

* Best Young Production

Assessment criteria: idea, character, technical realisation

* Bests Post-production

Award for the excellent application within the digital content creation industry.

* Jury’s Prize

Submissions that the Jury finds are successful ideas and/or have an especially prominent combination of image language and technical realisation.

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