animago AWARD: fx.Center Babelsberg is the new animago venue

The venue for the animago AWARD 2009 has been confirmed: on Thursday 29. October, the 13th animago AWARD will take place in the Babelsberg. The animago team is enthusiastic about the venue: “The fx.Center is an excellent location for the animago AWARD,” says animago project leader Matthias J Lange.

Munich 07.07.2009 – The animago AWARD is the most important award within the animation industry and has been held each year for the last 13 years. This year it is sponsored by Medienboard of Berlin-Brandenburg. For the first time, the award ceremony will take place in Studio Babelsberg, in the fx.Center – an ideal location.

The architectural design of the building – designed by Japanese architect Sin Takamatsu – creates a stunning impression. It contains exclusive office and technical areas for high-end post-production, with three studios, two cinemas, other event locations and a bistro completing the complex. “This will be a new home for the animago AWARD and the accompanying animago CONFERENCE,” explains animago project leader Matthias J Lange. The animago has moved from Karlsruhe to Potsdam thanks to new sponsorship from the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard.

In the ultra-modern and architecturally unique post-production complex there are three comprehensively equipped studios for film, TV and advertising production, totalling 1,118sq m. The conference room and Studio fx1 specialises in film and visual-effects recording. This is where the animago AWARD ceremony will take place. The other studios and the cinema are ideal conference locations: the fx.Center boasts a 155-seat cinema and a cinema with 19 seats for both 35mm and Super 35mm screenings as well as a digital cinema projector for HD and 2K screenings.

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