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Jeden Monat kürt Rebusfarm, der Remote Render Anbieter, einen Artist of the Month - vielleicht sind Sie ja der Nächste? Mitmachen und Renderpunkte abstauben!
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Do you want to be Rebusfarms featured 3D Artist of the Month, along with getting  interviewed, featured on all kind of networks, media, in banners and win 250 RenderPoints? Just have a look at our 3D Artist of the Month competition page and submit your entry. We’ll choose the best image and wil lcontact you. Submit now!

Artist of the Month (April) Daniel Karner

Bild: Daniel Karner
Bild: Daniel Karner

“Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!” No wait, that is actually Daniel Karner, the  April 2017 3D Artist of the Month, taking a trip down memory lane with us.

“Back in 1991” is a throwback into his own past: “When I grew up, I had this exact IBM-AT model with a PS/2 monitor – even though I never had that many games, and  I also didn’t own the MT-32 synthesizer.” Read more….

Artist of the Month (March) Julien Accettola

Julien Accettola
Julien Accettola

Julien Accettola from France, winning the 3D Artist of the Month Competition in March 2017. His freshly emerged creature „Monsterfly“ was sculpted based on a cartoon character „Lester“ designed by CreatureBox for „Inktober 2016“. „This is rather difficult work, I keep learning every day in order to make my anatomical creations the most realistic possible.“  Read more …

Artist of the Month (February) Narrative


3D Artist of the Month in February is NARRATIVE, a CGI studio from Australia.  NARRATIVE is based in Sydney and mainly focusses on architecture competition entries.
The studio was founded by ArchViz artist Neil Paul, shortly after hustling through architecture school – Neil now is the studio’s art director and we’re glad he could find some time to talk about his winning image. Read More …

Weiterleitung: If you think you could be the Artist: Click here to take part!

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