Multi-Format Broadcast Video Server. The ClipServer is a multi-format video server based on Drastic Technologies Software and assembled by DVC Digitialvideo Computing.


Drastic“s media management provides the backbone for interchangeable, networkable devices. This open architecture allows the sharing of media, seamless random access control and monitoring throughout the network. Benefit from unrestricted shared simultaneous access to media with a Storage Area Network and MediaReactor file translation technologies.

Re-purpose, not replace!

It is not necessary to replace everything in the operation in order to work together. It is sufficient to simply connect all the tools you“ve become accustomed to using with the ClipServer and its unique file support technology. Industry standard protocols and non-proprietary media handling technologies keep everything connected and compatible.

The ClipServer advantage

  • Get to air with Quick Clip Playlist or popular third party automation solutions
  • On the fly support for a variety of media using a ClipServer and Quick Clip


  • Connect to existing Broadcast and Production equipment including Automation

    Controllers, Non Linear Editors and Graphics Stations for output

  • Logging, batch digitizing, edit, playlist management, non-linear clip, still playback

    and video/audio/graphics conversion

  • Maximum choice of formats, video channels and

    supported media

Transfer Station/Network Digitizer

As part of a networked video plant, the ClipServer is a fast, affordable high quality transfer station. Options include SDTI support for faster than realtime transfer speeds. An additional I/O channel is also available.

Play to air

Mass centralized storage, multi-format bi-directional video channels and media compatibility: ClipServer offers broadcasters the format flexibility of MPEG-2 4:2:0 for spot insertion, MPEG-2 4:2:2 for digital upconversion, and DVCPRO for news acquisition.

For mission critical operations, the ClipServer is configurable with a variety of fault tolerant solutions including software or hardware based RAID formats. No proprietary network, storage or communication is required for redundancy protection.

ClipServer is compatible with all Win NT storage systems (SCSI/SCSI Raid/Fibre/Fibre SAN) and all Win NT

back up systems (Tape/Optical/etc.).

Preliminary Specification ClipServer:


   Video Standard: NTSC or PAL

   Standard Video channel: 1 Record or 2 Play

1 analog preview out

   Option: 2nd Video channel: 2 Record or

1 Record + 2 Play or

4 Play

1 analog preview out

Video Sampling:

   DV25: 4:1:1 8-bit

   DV50: 4:2:2 8-bit

   MPEG-2: 4:2:2P@ML

   MPEG-2: 4:2:2MP@ML

   Network: 100BaseT, SCSI

   Genlock: Independent genlock on each CODEC channel

   1 or 2 * SDI I/O: SMPTE 259M (* optional included with second video channel option)

   1 or 2 * SDI I/O 480p: SMPTE 294M (* optional included with second video channel option)

   Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9

   additional options:

   1 or 2 SDTI I/O: SMPTE 305M

   Network: FibreChannel


   Genlock to video: SMPTE-272M and AES11-1991 compliant

   Digital Audio I/O: 1 stereo per video channel

   The stereo pair may be AES/EBU or embedded D1

   Sampling: 16 bit, 48 kHz with 64x oversampling

RS.422 Interface

SONY, Odetics or Louth protocol. VTR-Slave and VTR-Master modes.

3HU rack mount, 220V AC

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