NEW multistandard HDTV Converter

DVC extends the HD-SDI Series with new affordable Converter Boxes

DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH, a videospecialist from Herrsching, Germany, has announced new HDTV Converter boxes. The new product is the HDTV Serializer HD10SR which can be used for interfacing parallel digital HDTV signals in the worldwide stardardized serial HD-SDI.

A specific feature of the compact box is the HDTV test pattern generator. If there is no parallel HDTV signal, the box delivers a test-picture at the HD-SDI output. Via Micro-Switch, 8 different HDTV rasters, like 1080i60/59,94, 1080i50, 1080sf24/23,98, 1080p24/23,98 or 1035i60/59,94 can be chosen

Therewith the HD10SR endorses the existing converter boxes for HDTV A/D- and D/A-conversion and provides a well-priced HDTV generator for test-pictures. To transmit digital HDTV through long-distanced cables accurately, the HD Serial Digital Equalizer completes the product line.

The HD-SDI series will be provided as boxes for end users or as board for OEMs.

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