Artesia Technologies and Convera to Offer Integrated Solution for Rich Media Management

Discovery Communications first adopter of joint solution incorporating Convera"s Screening Room and Artesia"s TEAMS digital asset management solution

Artesia Technologies and Convera

(Nasdaq: CNVR) today jointly announced an agreement to integrate Convera“s

Screening Room® video content management software with Artesia“s TEAMS

digital asset management solution. The combination of these respective

enterprise-class technologies will offer organizations a seamless solution

for capturing, indexing, managing and repurposing virtually all types of

rich media for use within a wide variety of environments, including

broadcast, streaming media and corporate portal applications. The

initiative has been undertaken in response to interest from customers, such

as first adopter Discovery Communications, that are seeking proven

best-in-breed technologies for the management and distribution of rich media

across multiple channels.

„Organizations are struggling with the exponential growth in the amount of

video footage that needs to be managed and they are particularly challenged

by the need to efficiently repurpose this content online,“ said Derek

Gascon, vice president, strategy and planning, Convera. „Screening Room and

TEAMS together address this need with a seamless, end-to-end solution

offering comprehensive support for the management and distribution of

virtually all types of rich media thus allowing organizations to maximize

the value of their digital assets. Digital asset management is a key

component to providing our customers with the best solution for managing

their video content and we are pleased to be working with Artesia


Screening Room provides an integrated solution for capturing, indexing,

searching, storyboarding and repurposing video content, while TEAMS offers

an enterprise-class digital asset management system with significant

functionality that is essential for managing the rich media value chain.

With the integration of the two solutions, Screening Room may be used to

ingest video programming directly into a central content repository managed

by the TEAMS software so that these assets and other types of rich media may

be managed simultaneously. As a result, the production and distribution of

dynamic content for both traditional and new media channels can be completed

faster and more efficiently.

The integrated solution is already being deployed with Discovery

Communications so that a single, web-based application may be used to manage

and access all of the company“s rich media content. Users may take

advantage of specific applications available within TEAMS, including its

Clip Identifier and Play Decision List features, to automate the conversion

of assets to various formats and to create rough video edits from their

desktop. By storing and managing all of the company“s assets in a single

repository, Discovery also simplifies the challenges involved in managing

the underlying XML-based metadata and creates a common standard for

integrating with a variety of approaches to digital rights management.

„The convergence of broadcast and the Internet is driving the need for

technology that can meet the demanding standards of both of these worlds,“

said Mike McDowell, vice president of business development for Artesia

Technologies. „Convera“s Screening Room is an excellent solution for

organizations that need to capture and index vast amounts of video

programming, while TEAMS continues to provide the most complete digital

asset management solution for the enterprise. Our partnership with Convera

will ensure that our customers get a fully integrated solution addressing

their business-critical objectives that also fulfills their existing

production requirements.“

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