Keyvia Integrates Virage VideoLogger Into Key-MediaWorks

Key-MediaWorks" support of Virage SmartEncode to be demonstrated at NAB 2001

Keyvia Inc., a leading provider of digital

media management technologies for the broadcast and post-production

industries, will demonstrate the integration of VideoLogger software from

Virage, Inc. into its Key-MediaWorks asset management system at NAB 2001.

By enabling the automatic capture of Virage video metadata into

Key-MediaWorks, the integration of these technologies provides

broadcasters, post-production houses, and corporate facilities with easy

and immediate access to video assets.

„Virage and its SmartEncode process have become the indexing standard in

the asset management industry, and the integration of its award-winning,

open-architecture VideoLogger software with Key-MediaWorks has allowed us

to better answer our customers“ unique and often complex asset management

needs,“ said Keyvia Product Manager Michel Beland.

Key-MediaWorks Version 1.3, shipping at NAB 2001, will include two add-ons

that enable users to complete a greater number of asset management

operations via PC workstations by automatically accessing VideoLogger

through the Key-MediaWorks interface.

Keyvia“s first add-on consists of an ingest function that enables Virage

indexing in parallel to high-resolution and low-resolution ingesting in

Key-MediaWorks. Since the indexing process can occur simultaneous to other

media asset ingests, the VideoLogger/Key-MediaWorks integration cuts down

on the amount of time needed to produce broadcast material, feature films,

or any other digital media production.

The second add-on allows users to access the metadata produced by

VideoLogger. Keyvia“s metadata add-on displays a URL link to a Virage

HTML-generated page, which presents the asset“s metadata in the Virage

interface. This file can then be saved in the HTML format on the facility“s

network, so that producers, editors, and journalists alike can display

pertinent production information by using a standard web browser on

low-cost PC workstations.

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