DVC Qualifies Medéa’s VideoRaid RTR and VideoRaid RTRX Disk Arrays for use with ClipRecorderHD

Medéa Corporation announced that its VideoRaid RTR and VideoRaid RTRX disk arrays have been qualified by DVC for use with the company’s high-definition (HD) capture and playback workstation called ClipRecorder HD.

„Medea“s VideoRaid RTR and RTRX disk arrays are the storage solutions of choice for use with our ClipRecorder HD given their superior performance characteristics and low-cost per GB,“ said Harald Naether, general manager of DVC. „In addition, VideoRaid RTR/RTRX arrays offer data protection, a significant benefit for ClipRecorder HD users.”

Medéa’s VideoRaid RTR and VideoRaid RTRX are designed for DCC applications such as 2D/3D animation, compositing, special effects, game development and non-linear video editing (NLE). VideoRaid RTR (a compact desktop unit) and VideoRaid RTRX (19”, rack mountable unit) feature an Ultra160 SCSI interface and provide the performance necessary to support high definition content creation applications.

The new ClipRecorder HD is an open system rack mountable workstation for uncompressed capturing and playback of up to several hours HD in 8 and 10 bit resolution. ClipRecorder HD utilizes Optibase“s new VideoPump 811, a full-duplex realtime I/O and multistandard 64bit/66MHz PCI board. VideoPump reads and writes directly to the native NTFS file system and is 100% QuickTime compatible. Thanks to the new VideoPump and the powerful QuickClip DDR software, the ClipRecorder is a fully clip-based HDTV Disc Recorder with additional features as EDL import, playlists, RS.422 control including Louth & Odetics and VTR emulation. The basic version already includes 4 AES/EBU and 8 embedded audio channels.

“We are delighted to announce that DVC has endorsed our VideoRaid RTR and RTRX disk arrays for use with the ClipRecorder HD,” said Roger Mabon, vice president of channel marketing for Medéa. “VideoRaid RTR and VideoRaid RTRX provide fail-safe operation and sustain the bandwidth required to capture and playback HD content in real-time with ClipRecorder HD.”

In addition to offering industry-leading performance, Medéa’s RTR/RTRX disk arrays also provide RAID data protection. In the unlikely event of a disk drive failure, the systems will continue to operate with no loss of data and no degradation in data transfer rate. The ability to operate at full performance with a “downed drive” enables the user to complete work in real-time environments without requiring immediate drive replacement.

Additional features of VideoRaid RTR/RTRX disk arrays include:

·Capacities up to 960 GB, scalable to multi-terabyte solutions

·Multi-Stream Technology (MST) for real-time playback of multiple uncompressed video streams

·Removable disk drive modules, power supplies and RAID controllers

·Compatibility with Mac, SGI, Sun and Windows-based DCC workstations

Pricing and Availability

The 5-drive VideoRaid RTR is available in 160, 320 and 480 GB capacities with list prices starting at $3,899. VideoRaid RTRX is available in 5 and 10-drive configurations with capacities from 160 to 960 GB. List prices on VideoRaid RTRX start at $4,499. VideoRaid RTR and VideoRaid RTRX are available now from Medéa’s authorized dealers and distributors. Call Medéa toll-free at (888) BY-MEDEA for a list of resellers or visit the Medéa Web site at www.medea.com.

About Medéa Corporation

Medéa Corporation, headquartered in Calabasas, California, designs and manufactures high-performance, low-cost storage subsystems optimized for digital content creation and Internet streaming media applications. Corporate headquarters is located at 26707 West Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302. Telephone: (818) 880-0303. Fax: (818) 880-6906. Internet: www.medea.com

About DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH

Since 1990 DVC Digitalvideo Computing GmbH has been producing and selling integrated system solutions for the DigitalVideo and HDTV market. DVC´s own products include the ClipRecorder HD and ClipRecorder PLUS, ClipServer and the MPEGEngine for uncompressed disk recording and highend encoding; examples are film scanning, video post-editing and broadband video transfer. Together with Kinoton, as a strategic partner, DVC offers Server systems and solutions for the growing future markets of DigitalCinema and HD presentation.

As a distributor DVC represents well-known manufacturers such as DNF, Drastic Technologies, nanocosmos, OnairForce, Optibase, Vela and Visual Circuits. An international distribution network has been established with the help of representations in France, Italy, Finland, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Spain. At the same time DVC has the opportunity to access Kinoton´s (www.kinoton.com) worldwide distribution and service network in particular for the US and Far East markets.

Weiterführende Links:

  • http://www.digitalvideo.de

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