Realviz launches ImageModeler 3.5 for Windows XP/2000 at Imagina

Realviz announces the availability of ImageModeler 3.5, for Windows XP/2000. A Mac OSX version of the application also recently began shipping in December 2002.

Using photographs as a approach to 3D content creation, Realviz ImageModeler 3.5, offers an innovative and intuitive approach to the often time-consuming and complex task of creating 3D models. Version 3.5 is the result of over 1 year’s intensive work, drastically improving workflow processes and productivity levels, whilst enabling the accurate re-creation of even the most complex of objects or scenes. REALVIZ will be demonstrating ImageModeler 3.5 at Imagina, which takes place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from February 3-6, 2003. During the show, Realviz will be present on each of the 4 days on the CAD stand.

Using advanced algorithms, Realviz ImageModeler 3.5 extracts 3D information from photographs, and helps users to measure and recreate accurate 3D models with highly realistic results. Automatic texturing from photographs drastically reduces the time necessary to create high-quality models compared to traditional 3D modeling applications. Additional features such as the ability to make point-to-point measurements and to create texture per object with the Unwrap Texture feature help users create models that suit their individual needs. A new calibration engine makes for significantly faster and more accurate scene reconstruction for amazingly life-like models and textures, which can then be exported to your favorite package.

Realviz ImageModeler is a multifaceted application, which can be employed by 3D content creators working in numerous industries, including the modeling of scenes or buildings for architectural purposes, for calculations and 3D surveys from photographs, for creating 3D virtual visits and the fast creation of photo-realistic backdrops, for human modeling, industrial design, animation and special effects, or for the simple creation of photo-realistic objects compatible with Web 3D formats.

Imagina 2003: The International Festival for Digital Images, takes place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from February 3-6, 2003 and hosts a festival, conferences and the Industry and Innovation Village – presenting the latest technological advances and an in-depth conference schedule, providing the ideal platform for exchanges between the various communities involved in digital imaging. During the event, Realviz will be present on each of the 4 days on the CAD (Côte d’Azur Développement) stand. Further information available from the Imagina website at:

Pricing & Availability: Realviz ImageModeler 3.5 is currently available for purchase through Realviz resellers worldwide at a price point of €/$ 750.00. For existing ImageModeler customers, the following up-grade arrangements will apply: a free up-grade to version 3.5 (Windows) will be given to owners of ImageModeler 3.0 – valid for purchases made after 9. September 2002. Proof of purchase required. A free cross-grade to version 3.5 (Mac) is also available (also free of charge. Conditions as stated.) Owners of ImageModeler 3.0 (Windows) – purchase prior to 9. September 2002 – as well as owners of earlier versions of ImageModeler (Windows) – are also able to up-grade to the Windows XP/2000 version of ImageModeler 3.5 for €/$ 250.00. A cross-grade arrangement to version 3.5 (Mac) is also available for these owners for €/$ 250.00. For further information, or to download a demo version of the software, please go to:

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