Realsoft 3D v.7 für Windows released

Die 3D-Modelling, Rendering- und Animationssoftware Realsoft3D ist jetzt in der Version 7 erschienen. Versionen für Linux, SGI Irix und Mac OSX folgen in Kürze.

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die Neuerungen der Software aus Finnland:

* Render engine’s memory management has been redesigned. The allocated memory is now split into a common, scene specific part, and to a render thread specific optimization part. This improves memory management dramatically in multi-core machines. A dual core system can typically render 50 % more complex scenes, a quad core 2 times and an eight core system 3-4 times more complex scenes than before.

* Ray tracing is typically 10-20 % faster than V6 with all kinds of scenes.

* Bottlenecks related to ray tracing detailed polygon models optimized. One million face triset model rendered using 16*12 render boxes renders now almost 10 times faster!

* A new Walkthrough rendering mode for fast rendering of static (architectural etc.) scenes

* Ray tracing visible measuring objects

* Efficient analytic Lathe and Tube compound tools. Creating rotational shapes can’t get easier.

* Easy Real3D-like Twist tool

* New animation tools: Warp, Noise and Shrink Wrap modifiers

* Motion curve tracker tool

* True volumetric explosions

* New particle tools for surface distribution, emitters, and volume filling. The tools provide easy particle flow and lifetime controls.

* Full support for OpenEXR image format

* 2D vector export from viewports (PostScript format supported)

* Automatic density control for snapping grids

Eine Demoversion ist ab Januar 2010 verfügbar.

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