H-Fonts für Houdini

Und hier passend zum Artikel in der DP 20:02 die Download Links!

Alles auf Gumroad findet ihr hier: https://gum.co/yNKCj

Olaf Says this:

Hi Houdini Folks,this contains a houdini indie scene and the HDAs.This is a free download as this part of an article i wrote for german based digitalproduction.com print magazine. So please also thank them!

What it does:
convert a font to an hfont that can be 3D or otherwise optimized.With this 3D font you can type as usual, but the letters or characters will be instances, so even large numbers of letters are no problem to render.

Also included are tools for optimizing and analyzing curves (as letters are curves) but also for traced curves. One of the HDAs sorts curves that do not cross each other into layers. So when a curve is inside of another it is on a higher layer. This way you can deal with simple holes or even complex shapes.

See the attached images here.You can use this for title sequences with animated letters or whenever you need 3D Text that is still editable.

Have Fun,

PS: it is free, but please feel free to pay, if you used this commercially. I also have a patreon page…

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