Shannon Beaumont

Shannon works for various companies like the Munich Zoo, Missouri Department of Conservation, or the online school CGMA. She worked for SAE Munich & Hamburg, and Bournemouth University.

Shannon Beaumont was born in the midwestern state of Missouri in the United States. She now lives in Hamburg and from there works for various companies such as the Munich Zoo – Tierpark Hellabrunn, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the online school CGMA where she teaches the Animal Drawing course. She has also worked for the SAE Munich, as well as the SAE Hamburg, and Bournemouth University.

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Newsartikel von Shannon Beaumont

A Zooley Process – Munich Zoo Illustrations
Blast from the Past: In DP 01 : 2019 our author Shannon Beaumont was commissioned by the Munich Zoo to create forty plus illustrations. How did Shannon approach this demanding task?

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