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mediadaten_dp_2017_titelThe DP is a German-language magazine that covers the entire spectrum of digital media production. Our editorial team focuses on the technical and aesthetic realms of animation, visual effects, visualizations and design as well as on various postproduction processes. In addition to this general focus, each issue spotlights two extensive areas. These revolve around themes drawn from the areas of hardware & software development, games & interactive media, science & education and business & industry. DP organises the annual animago AWARD & CONFERENCE and also publishes DP’s animago Special Issue.

Print run & statistics

* Yearly average of Q3/2015-Q2/2016
** Source: 2016 reader survey and Vertriebsunion Meynen


Issue 01/2017 Jan|Feb

Character Design & Creation

Frankenstein’s monster or a photorealistic portrait? All about character design, creation, rigging, modelling, texturing and shading.

Advertising Deadline: 11/04/2016
Print document Deadline: 11/11/2016
Release Date: 12/19/2016

Issue 02/2017 Mar|Apr

(1) Motion Graphics & Motion Design

What’s happening in graphics today? All the latest on contemporary title design, callouts and broadcast graphics.

(2) Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

What’s up with the big trend? Which technologies and tools are out there? Which projects have a future? How real can the virtual reality of today be already?

Advertising Deadline: 01/09/2017
Print document Deadline: 01/16/2017
Release Date: 02/20/2017

Issue 03/2017 May|Jun

(1) Essential Tools & New Plug-ins

Between “Library & Took Box”: all the important tools you need to have around at all times, meaningful look-up tables (LUTs) and the most useful plug-in collections for editing.

(2) Career: Training, Lateral Entry & Alternatives to University Study

How do I gain lateral entrance to a VFX team without having studied? How do I get the knowledge and skills I need? What kinds of training opportunities are available in addition to daily professional practice?

Advertising Deadline: 03/13/2017
Print document Deadline: 03/20/2017
Release Date: 04/25/2017

Issue 04/2017 Jul|Aug

(1) Simulation: Earth & Air

Hard-body simulation: What software can you use to become a “digital demolition expert” and create crumbling concrete, clattering stones and breaking glass?

(2) Business: Independence & Founding a Studio

What do you need to know when launching your own studio so that your dream of independence doesn’t turn into a nightmare?
Which circumstances call for which business forms, such as GbR or GmbH.

Advertising Deadline: 05/15/2017
Print document Deadline: 05/22/2017
Release Date: 06/26/2017

Issue 05/2017 Sep|Oct plus animago Special

(1) Frameworks & Pipeline Standards

Automation is essential and node-based frameworks are both flexible and fast. This area focuses on the best pipelines and engines needed for efficient management.

(2) Exclusive Funding for the VFX and Animation Industry

What’s out there in terms of post-production funding in Europe? From Bavaria all the way to the Baltic region, DP presents the relevant institutions and their funding models.

animago Special Issue

For the very first time, the Special Issue will be published as an animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2017 event catalogue and dispatched directly with DP issue 05/17. The magazine will showcase all the nominated projects and offer an overview of the conference and exhibition highlights. It will provide an ideal presentation opportunity for all manufacturers and distributors interested in showcasing their product portfolios to an audience consisting of international creatives and industry professionals.

Advertising Deadline: 07/24/2017
Print document Deadline: 07/31/2017
Release Date: 09/04/2017

Issue 06/2017 Nov|Dec

(1) Simulation: Crowd & Cloth

It’s a lot of work to organise extras and find the right clothes for them in live-action shots: DP shows you how to simulate crowds and what clothing and costume simulations are available.

(2) animago AWARD 2017

A look at the making of the prize-winners, a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2017 plus a post-event report.

Advertising Deadline: 09/11/2017
Print document Deadline: 09/18/2017
Release Date: 10/23/2017

Issue 01/2018 Jan|Feb

(1) Conforming, Grading & Finishing

After the visual effects comes the finishing: What exactly do IMF, DCP, conforming and grading mean? All steps involved in mastering will be broken down and explained.

(2) Audio for VFX

When the audio department gets the finished film: How can the VFX team work in advance to minimise the friction between image and sound?

Advertising Deadline: 11/06/2017
Print document Deadline: 11/13/2017
Release Date: 12/18/2017

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